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Negative Interview Feedback: How To Handle It

It is unequivocally unpleasant to be rejected after a long and drawn out interview process, especially with negative feedback. My advice is to try not to take it to heart and concentrate your efforts on finding a role which is a closer match for your personal aspirations. I fully appreciate that it is very easy for me to say because I am immersed in recruitment. But I am a believer in the idea that some things are meant to be! I’ve seen many candidates take a knock or two during their search for a new role but go onto have successful careers at other companies.

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Competence Or Confidence: What’s More Important?

I have spent the best part of two decades trying to decipher what makes someone more successful at interviews than others. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked by candidates how to ace an interview. There is no formulaic answer.

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