- About us -

Founded in 1988, we are a niche hiring & career partner for clients & candidates in the digital, marketing, PR & social and creative sectors

An introduction

We work with a mix of creative agencies, from brand & digital to PR & Social & fully integrated ones, both small & independent to national players. We also recruit for the in-house marketing & digital departments of start-ups, SMEs, iconic brands & blue chip organisations.

Our business is based on ethical & considered values mixed with a strong sense of purpose and integrity. The owners are actively involved in helping candidates and clients through their career & hiring processes.

We will always set to hire consultants that have 'lived' and appreciate & understand the equal joy & pressure of moving jobs, as well as the importance hiring people that will add value to your culture & business.

Over three decades, our ethos of openness & honesty has never changed and we like to think it's the main reason why clients & candidates keep coming back to us. Our grounded & humble nature is also one of the primary facts why many of our clients met us as job seekers.

We have seen numerous changes over the years from how we now work & connect to the implosion of digital and social media, but one thing never changes - the intrinsic value of people.

Our drive, efforts & passion, is quite simply to help with your career or hiring, and bring together unique individuals to inspiring businesses. Nothing less, but always more than you expect.

Meet the team

Simon Pettigrew

Managing Director

Renowned for not been able to sit still for longer than 60 seconds, having a brain like a pinball machine & a weird ability to memorise people & facts. Thinks he can still break dance, refuses to follow basic admin procedures, has a 6'5" son & a daughter that raps him round her pinky. Joined after an early career in marketing & after discovering he was quite good at something, for once, has never looked back. Simon has a tough life working in an office full of women, (he loves it really!) so gives most employees an alternative male nickname –sadly, most have stuck. It’s no secret that he reminisces, a lot, isn't very good in the morning & lives and breathes Aston Villa and Black Sabbath. No patience with tech but loves vacuuming & tidying the office, so if this fails, a career in cleaning will be his calling.

Debra Bullmore-Dunn


Wow, what can we say, The Queen of AF & wins the gold medal for longevity! Debra has been at AF, since its inception. Unbelievable, that she's not been fired & to her utter credit, she’s never lost her verve, love and passion for recruitment. There is very little she hasn’t seen or heard and her experience, and well, just living, makes her invaluable to all our clients and candidates. Anyone who has spoken with Debra will be familiar with her unique style and old one-liners such as “don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring” and “no one's dead”. Little known facts about our Deb; she houses a menagerie of animals including chickens, aquariums, terrapins and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Oh, and she was thrown out of dance class for bad behaviour, can't sing for toffee, loves Wales & rugby, the men not the sport!

Emma Tee


Emma joined over fifteen years ago following a stint in professional services recruitment…loves our sector so much, she can’t bear the thought of working anywhere else. Joined us a consultant and is now one of the three owners….Walks really fast & loud, renowned as the intelligent one and keeps us all updated with modern legislation & what’s going on in the world… Loves her cups of tea, crisps & a sweet cake and also known as ‘Jimmy T’. The go to person for all our wonderful PR, marketing and communications roles. but is also quite nifty with our creative roles & and has built up a pretty healthy network of key decision makers across the Midlands area. A passionate Liverpool fan, thinks Jurgen is beautiful (love is blind!) and has an unhealthy crush on Sir Ian Botham, much to the chagrin of her beloved husband.

Ellis Rigby

Senior Administrator

Our ray of sunshine, Ellis joined on an apprenticeship scheme and now focuses on our social media and marketing, as well as everything else. A little known fact is that she grew up in Praia de Luz, Portugal and misses the old currant bun. This means, she is constantly cold and can usually be found at her desk wrapped up in her bargain Vivienne Westwood coat. Oh yes, Ellis also loves her fashion, although the rather expensive pair of shoes we bought her for her 21st are still firmly in her wardrobe, looking cool, but have yet to be worn! Ellis also has a weird & wonderful fear of pigeons, can get very vexed when let down, really loves cats & a pint, struggles with flying & lifts and don't ever mention exercise or joining a gym - it ain't happening.