Getting to know us

Founded in 1988, we are a marketing, digital, PR, and creative recruitment specialist for innovative thinkers, planners, doers & strategists seeking to  enhance their careers in this fascinating space. We do it primarily the Midlands and North West but have been known to venture as far as Scotland & down the Smoke.

We’re approachable, extensively knowledgeable, engaging, honest, and wise old & young heads.  We don’t do cool or Billy big shot but we will put your career first & it will be in caring and safe hands.

Although the marketing scene has changed dramatically over the years, the foundations & ethics of our agency has remained the same.   Our primary objective is to help you through the career moving process.   Still, and after 30 years as a niche recruiter, we still feel an immense amount of satisfaction & gratitude in helping someone find their ideal role.   This can be from an Account Executive making their first career move or a Digital Marketing Manager taking the step up to Director.  We’re pretty good at the middle bit too!

Since our inception, our Consultants have helped a diverse & fascinating mix of people. From  an amazing creative or innovative marketer to the new breed of disruptors.  On average, we receive over 10,000 CVs a year and even if we don’t have an immediate role for you, we will get you there, and we’re more than happy to offer advice on things such as your CV to explaining the agency & in-house marketing scene & what these people want.  In addition to guiding you through interviews or giving you a steer on what salary you should be looking for.

We specifically hire consultants who have lived and seen a bit, and most of all, have expertise in your field and appreciate the pressure of moving jobs, and how to best go about it.   We’re an eclectic bunch of people, with a mix of ages, characters & personalities, but most important, possess vast amounts of know-how regarding the creative, digital & marketing sector.   We’ve devoted the majority of our lives to it and there’s not much we haven’t seen.  The best is a wonderful candidate who fell sound asleep in the reception of his potential new employer, was kindly stirred by the passing Creative Director, and then went on to get the job.   It’s still to be topped.

There are quite a few people out there who do what we do, but take the time to talk to us, and you will see that our intentions are in the right place.  We understand that moving jobs is not a straightforward process – it takes time, patience, energy, and a fair bit of resilience. A job search isn’t an overnight process and will bring you joy and sadness in equal measure, but making the right career can be incredibly rewarding.

If you’re committed to pressing on with your career, then it would be our privilege to help you.  For us to help, head over to our job search section. It will enable you to see what roles are presently available & may encourage you to apply, or just give you a steer on the roles we handle.

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