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More walk, less talk.

We’ve been hiring partners & advisors within the digital, marketing, PR / Social & creative sectors for agency-side and in-house clients, since 1988.   We’ve never sat back & rested on the fact we’ve been here a long time.  We’ve continually kept our nose to the grindstone, ear to the ground & retained that fire in the belly to help you as much as humanly responsible.

We mainly recruit in the Midlands and the North West, but we have been known to venture as far afield as Scotland and even down to the ‘Big Smoke.’  The evolution of the working environment and with more firms operating on a remote basis means we’ve been able to help firms recruit marketers outside of the regions we normally cater for.

Broadly speaking, we help companies recruit at all levels, whether that’s a small independent digital agency taking on its first employee or a mid-sized business or PLC looking to build a marketing & digital team from the ground up.  We work with all types of agencies, ranging from PR & Social, brand and design to full-service digital outfits plus, everything in between.

In-house – we recruit for the widest mix of firms, which includes e-commerce businesses, property developers,  retailers and fashion houses, manufacturers, premier league football clubs, universities, charities, professional services and innovative tech firms, to name but a few.

Over the last decade, the agency and in-house scene has changed beyond recognition, and will no doubt continue to evolve. At times, demand is significantly outstripping supply in the agency and in-house marketing sectors, but our history of attracting and sourcing candidates means that we will always find that little golden nugget for you.  It just may take a little more time than normal but hiring someone special is not meant to be rushed.

Our mission is to take the pressure off & help you find people that are not easy to detect. We don’t rush it but, with the right tools, operate efficiently by understanding what you’re looking for in terms of expertise, character and fit. We also work closely with you to find the most credible candidates.

It’s never about a fee – it never has been for us.  It’s about developing trust & doing the job with integrity & decency.   We give a lot more than we take & believe everyone should be treated with respect & courtesy.

Without question, our USP is knowledge, which we have plenty of!

Our insight & knowledge has been garnered over 30 years and, it’s certainly taught us in spades, what works & what doesn’t. That is what saves you angst, time & money and, provides you with people that add genuine goodwill.

Our core team of  Simon, Debra, and Emma, are the business owners and are at the heart of everything & every decision.   We don’t follow the masses & they’ve dedicated most of their professional lives to recruiting for the marketing & related sectors and, knowing what works and what doesn’t is pretty much, second nature to them. We also hire, so are fully in tune with the joy & pain that goes with it.   We just try to bring you the joy!

Unlike, other recruitment firms, we don’t set ridiculous targets or have never had a high staff turnover, which means if you only recruit once or twice a year, chances are you’ll deal with the same person again.  We work on offering value & will always do what is right for your business.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re candid. 

There are no secrets or hidden agendas – we’re straight-talking and our focus is providing you with a service that helps, not hinders.   Our terms of totally transparent & we also appreciate that your time’s precious.

We appreciate that the cost of replacing employees can be expensive, which is why we aim to help you recruit ones, who respect your business and have good values and the right levels of commitment.   The more information you share with us about your role and inner sanctum, the better we’ll be at understanding your requirements and finding someone that significantly adds value.

A lot of our current clients used to be our candidates – there is no better testament than this.

Talk to us and you’ll soon discover that we’re also big believers in the age-old saying, ‘what goes around comes around.’ This means we advise both parties on what we think will work for them based on our experience.

Hiring can be an incredibly emotional process, it can even be irrational at times. But all in all, we’re always mindful of the fact that we’re dealing with people’s businesses and lives – and it’s something we’re most certainly never complacent about.

Want to put us to the test? Contact us today for an initial discussion or to find out more about the way we work, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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