Getting to know us recruit

Getting to know us

Founded in 1988, we recruit for the very broad fields of digital, marketing, PR and creative sectors. We work with clients in two distinct sectors – agency and in-house. The types of agencies we work with range from brand and design agencies, to full-service digital outfits, and everything in between. In-house, we have recruited for an eclectic mix of companies from national retailers, house builders, and manufacturers, to premier league football clubs, universities, charities, professional services, and innovative tech firms.

We’ve helped companies recruit at all levels. From a small independent digital agency taking on their first hire, to a multi-national property PLC seeking their Head of Digital. Whatever the level, we apply the same basic principles of openness & thoughtfulness. We endeavour to help, above anything else, and understand what you are looking for in terms of expertise, character and fit.  We work with you to find the most credible candidate. No recruitment strategy is static – it will constantly evolve to suit your unique needs.

Without question, our USP is knowledge, and it’s expansive. The key recruiters, Simon, Debra, and Emma, are business owners, so we fully understand the importance of placing candidates that will add value to your business.  We’ve dedicated most of our lives to this sector. Knowing what works and what doesn’t has become second nature to us. Our drive and passion is to unite individuals, with gravitas and credibility, to inspiring businesses.

Our knowledge is deep and extensive within our specified sectors and our integrity is what we hold on to most. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and we don’t have a high turnover of staff, so even if you only recruit once or twice a year, you’ll probably be speaking to the same person. We don’t blag because there is no point in doing so, and we will be straight with you. We’ll provide you a detailed insight into a candidate’s skill set and expertise, and we’ll know if they are right or wrong for your business.

We fully appreciate that the cost of replacing employees is an excessive one. So, our intention is to provide employees who are manageable and respect your business. The service we offer is honest and discreet.  The more information you give us about the role, company, and your culture, the better our understanding will be of your requirements.  A lot of our current clients used to be our candidates, and there is no better testament to our service and ethics than this.

Over the last decade, the agency and in-house scene has changed beyond recognition, and will no doubt continue to evolve. At the time of writing this, July 2018, demand is still outstripping supply in the agency and in-house marketing sectors, but our history of attracting and sourcing candidates means that we will always find that little golden nugget for you. It just may take a little more time than normal but hiring someone special is not meant to be rushed.

Finally, we are big believers in what comes around goes around. We advise both sides on what we think will best serve them, based on our experience. Hiring is an emotional process and sometimes, not rational & at the end of the day, we are dealing with people’s businesses and lives – it’s not something to be complacent with.   Recruitment is a dark industry and, for people who don’t work in it, it can be hard to fathom what actually goes on behind the scenes, but after 30 years, we get the most right.

We hope this has given you some insight into our pedigree and thoughts.