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Talent is out there!

Talent is out there and whilst finding it can sometimes feel like swimming vertically up the Niagara Falls, wonderful people can be found. It’s just about doing the right things in a consistent and considered manner and realising that it will take a little longer than normal.      Here…

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The whys and hows of video CVs

Video has become more prevalent in recent years. Alongside the growth of video platforms such as TikTok, we saw virtual interviews boom during the pandemic and more recently have noticed an increasing number of employers ask for video job applications instead of the traditional CV, especially within the creative industry….

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Cultural fit: What is it and why is it important for companies?

With many companies emphasising culture, especially in the creative and tech industry, the term cultural fit is often thrown around. So much so, that we can almost guarantee that if you headed over to LinkedIn you’d come across the words within the first ten minutes, and it would likely come…

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Why it’s mega tough to hire.

The ongoing candidate shortage is baffling, to say the least, and has left many companies with hiring headaches, so the following may throw some light on why filling digital and marketing jobs is proving a little tricky. It’s also to underline the importance of not feeling hard done by if…

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What are the most sought after digital skills?

With over thirty years of marketing recruitment experience under our belts, we’ve seen digital marketing emerge throughout the years and we’re in a good place to understand the digital skills that are becoming more sought after. There has been a surge in digital marketing over the past ten years and…

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