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Attitude Is Winning

As of today, there are one million live vacancies in the UK and now, more than ever, employers seem to be realising that to fill their vacancies, attitude, not experience, is becoming key. 

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How to avoid a hiring mistake

It’s a candidate’s market.  Over the past couple of years, you will likely have heard us banging on about talent shortage and this has only been heightened in recent months. The recession kickstarted the shortage and had a real impact on the availability of candidates. Understandably, companies put a freeze…

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How to alleviate those return to the office fears

Freedom Day, a term specifically coined for Monday 19th July 2021. 

It’s the day restrictions lifted despite the growing number of cases and overall feeling that we’re not free from Covid. Splashed across the papers, the day made headlines, and while some were standing in queues at midnight eager to dance to mostly mediocre music on sticky nightclub floors (we’re showing our age here as music isn’t what it once was and generally it’s part of the pandemic we’ve not missed!) others felt great trepidation stepping out into a world where social distancing and masks were now things of the past.

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How to become an ally

To build a welcoming, inclusive work environment, people need to be able to bring their true selves to work and feel comfortable in doing so. It’s why being an ally in the workplace is one of the most important roles you can play, either as an employee or an employer.

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Nailing that final interview!

First and second interviews can vary.  Normally, the first is to gauge your personality and is mostly about your ability to do the job, so questions may focus more on your career and key responsibilities of your current and previous roles. The second is often focused on fit, so questions…

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