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How a strong creative industry helps economies thrive

It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, who your audience is, or what your product or service is – the businesses that do best in the modern world are those which inspire, influence, and engage in a creative way. For those businesses and companies in the creative sector, the…

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Stock up that job-hunting bag.

The digital & marketing jobs market has never been so vibrant – some sectors are booming and, others are playing catch up, which in unison is creating far more opportunities than normal.  The biggest issue for employers is finding suitable people so the market is in your favour, but it will not last forever so, grab it while you can.   Nothing in this world stands still or remains the same and the jobs market is no exception to the rule.

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Up your on-boarding game

Competition for talent is fierce, it’s why your pre-onboarding experience needs to be engaging, exciting, and more than anything else, welcoming!

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How to ask for a pay rise

Salaries are going up. According to the ONS, the average salary was £38,600 compared to 2019 which placed the average salary at £36,611, a rise of 5.4%. On the face of it, increasing salaries is good news but with the cost of living increasing it’s a necessity for many.

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