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10 ways to overcome interview nerves.

You may well have faced a moment in your life when you know what you want to say and are more than capable of doing it, but under pressure, things can sometimes take a funny turn. An interview is one such situation and the crazy thing is that once you…

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7 Reasons Why Candidates Lose Interest

During 2017, employers and recruiters found it even harder to find talented people. For the past four years, candidate availability has been falling, and the record high UK employment rate, plus a slowdown in the number of EU nationals coming to work here is exacerbating the situation, leaving many roles…

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Your Career Is Your Own

In your career, most days you’ll get up at nasty o’clock, hit the snooze, maybe hit it again, then haul yourself out of your sack because you need to get to work. You’ll then spend the vast majority of your day in your work domain, and at times, it will…

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How to deal with multiple job offers

So, you’ve found that you’re in demand.  You’ve been to 3 companies. One has already offered you a role. The other two want to meet you for a second interview, and you’re a strong contender to be offered these positions as well.  This is an exciting time, but also one…

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2017: The year of the lost offer….

As you would expect we see a lot of offers of employment – it is after all the aim of what we do.  But shall I tell you what we see more of, and indeed have seen happen more in 2017 than in any previous year? The lost offer.

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