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Things we’ve learned in 2018

Well, what a year 2018 has been!  We’d love to say that it’s all been plain sailing, but, it hasn’t! We thought, as part of our Christmas message to you we’d include the top? things we’ve learned this year, which may or may not make you giggle – there’s also a bit of a caption competition featuring our very own Simon and a certain MP (clickbait?!).

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Keep pushing your marketing career forward

The speed at which the digital and marketing sectors are changing, may create new jobs, bluster, and excitement, but it is making it harder for marketers to keep up with the ever increasing demands of this space.        

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Career mistakes can be good

Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of very savvy people build rewarding careers, but it’s rare to see someone put together a perfect career path, and most will always have a blip, and some will have more than others.

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2019 grads: What are you waiting for?!

It can be really difficult going into the final year of your degree. ‘What am I going to do in the real world?’, ‘When do I apply?’, ‘How do I create the perfect CV?’, ‘What career path am I going to choose?’ – they’re all questions that pop in and out of students’ heads at some point during their uni journey.

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