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Why it’s mega tough to hire.

The on-going candidate shortage is baffling to say the least, and has left many companies with hiring headaches, so the following may throw some light on why filling digital & marketing jobs is proving a little tricky.  It’s also to underline the importance of not feeling hard done by if…

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What are the most sought after digital skills?

With over thirty years of marketing recruitment experience under our belts, we’ve seen digital marketing emerge throughout the years and we’re in a good place to understand the digital skills that are becoming more sought after. There has been a surge in digital marketing over the past ten years and…

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When to make a move

Long gone are the days of employees staying with the same company for their entire careers. We say that, but our shortest-serving employee has been here for almost 22 years! We are proof that although it’s rare, it still does happen, we just don’t see it as often as we…

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Is the four-day workweek a worthwhile benefit?

The year has started with 30 UK companies taking part in a trial to test a four-day working week. With calls from the internet asking those participating to “not f*#! it up”, on face value, we can certainly understand why people are in favour of a four-day work week, so…

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The Digital Marketing Recruitment Market in 2022

Digital marketing is, in the modern age of ecommerce and online experiences, more important than ever. In terms of recruitment and job availability, one might assume that the number of vacancies and candidates are equally matched – but the reality is far from simple. Digital marketing recruitment agencies around the…

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