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Nailing that final interview!

First & second interviews can vary.  Normally, the first is to gauge your personality & is mostly about your ability to do the job, so questions may focus more on your career & key responsibilities of your current & previous roles.   The second is often focused on fit, so questions…

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7 ways to increase your chances of a job offer.

During an interview, you will be asked numerous questions that will test your poise, ability and most of all, your interest in the job. They are asked so the interviewer can make a decision on the following things: Can you do the job; will you complement the team ethos & culture; are you willing to put in the extra effort; are you manageable & is the salary right. Please note that only one is directed at your ability to do the job.

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Spring Clean Your CV

It’s officially Spring! So, if your house is already spruced and shined to within an inch of its life, instead, use the time you’d usually spend dusting the cobwebs away to spring clean your CV and get it in tip-top condition.

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How to Handle Personality Clashes

For years now we have watched Susanna Reid roll her eyes at Piers Morgan, morning after morning, and we can honestly say that we do not know how she has coped for the past 6 years!

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Don’t fluff your research!

The quality of your research can win or lose you an interview. It can significantly increase your chances because your interviewer will consider your research as a reflection of your enthusiasm, interest & commitment to the role. It shows you are up for the challenge, thorough, genuine & competent & almost all employers like those traits.

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