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Agency or Client-Side?

We can all sometimes have a tendency to to listen to recommendations from other people when it comes to moving jobs.  We can occasionally move on a whim or make a rash decision but, there will come a time when you’ve to recognise what suits you & only you.   You have to think along these lines when it comes to deciding if agency or the client-side suits you best.

Emotion, impatience or competitiveness can sometimes get in the way of making successful career moves – always remember that this is your career & you sometimes need to do it in a calculated & clinical fashion.

There are a huge number of opportunities on offer within the agency and client-side sectors and, the evolution of online and digital marketing means the boundaries within these arenas are being continuously pushed.

You could choose a career within an agency or you may prefer to go client-side. Both routes offer very different experiences. Agencies are renowned for a faster pace, long hours and offering higher salaries, while in-house roles tend to be more flexible, work at a steadier pace and offer packages that are more geared around career development. This is no longer the case so you’ve go think what offers you the most enjoyment & best long term prospects.

Regardless of which route you choose, we now live in a digital world, which is having a huge impact on marketing roles.

Digital is driving Britain’s growth and, as a result, new and exciting jobs are being created and starting salaries are rising. The way marketing has evolved over the past decade has meant that a seemingly endless number of career opportunities have arisen in the creative sector, from content specialist to Digital PR Manager.

And this means there are big opportunities out there for people who want to make their mark in this space.

In our experience, some people often find it easier to cut their teeth in agency world and then make the switch to client-side, rather than the other way around. Although, due to the lack of skilled candidates in the market, agencies (particularly digital agencies) are becoming more open to the idea of taking on client-side candidates.

A word of advice for graduates…

About to graduate and have your heart set on getting an agency job? We suggest you spend some time researching the different types of agencies that are out there and where they are.

Don’t be fixated on London because there’s an incredible number of agencies cropping up all over cities, such as Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.  And they only tend to recruit a selective few at a junior level, so it might be worth you applying directly to them with an engaging, cool and innovative CV, as a lot of their roles may not be advertised.

If you’d like to give client-side a try, then try not be drawn in by the trendy brands because there are just as many great SMEs out there that don’t get a high volume of CVs.  They can offer just as good as a career as those with a glitzy website & fancy office furniture.  Your career journey will be much quicker with an SME and you’ll have more responsibility, which will definitely add value to your development & back-pocket.

Most of all, do not listen to idle gossip & rumours.  Be open-minded about both sides and never be too quick to judge until you’ve met the people and got a feel for what they’re about and their culture.

Take a quick scoot around the marketing world and you’ll find there are all sorts of jobs out there. Some are the same, just called different things, and others, are standalone positions in their own right.  What’s more, with digital making its mark on the marketing and creative industries faster than most sectors, there are new job titles and roles popping up everywhere.

Navigating your way around all of these different jobs and job title variations isn’t easy so, bear in mind the following advice from one of our marketers –  the pace, style & cutlure of working agency-side is faster and can stretch you.   It tends to be a younger environment, a bit unstructured and full of characters & personalities.   It’s not uncommon to work on multiple projects for different clients at any given time which can great be for some but, isn’t for everyone.   However, the variety is a huge positive and does keep your skills on point which is fantastic for future career development.

It’s worth noting that on the client-side, you are driving the marketing dynamic of the firm.  Do take on board that on agency-side of the fence – you are the supplier.  This is the big difference and it isn’t for everyone.    It’s about being honest with yourself and just thinking about what suit of person you are and, what would suit you best.

It’s a fascinating sector, and we wish you luck with whichever career path you decide to take!
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