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Motivation Is Key: Advice For Motivating Employees

By Shanice on

Gratitude costs nothing and can increase morale in any business, writes Peter Done, Managing Director of Peninsula. Saying thank you to employees who may not always be on your radar can also have a positive impact on productivity and motivation. And although a ‘thank you’ is greatly appreciated, The Sunday Times have come up with a few more ways to boost employee morale and motivation:

  • Spend time talking to your staff and take a genuine interest in what they do. When employees feel respected they are more likely to work harder and “go the extra mile”.
  • Taking staff out for lunch or buying them breakfast once a week not only costs very little but can aid communication between employees.
  • Another low-cost incentive is to liaise with local businesses such as restaurants and gyms that may offer discounts to staff.
  • If convenient to your business, you may wish to offer flexible working, or review the hours worked so they fit their lifestyle. A good work/life balance can not only increase morale but has been proven to aid staff retention.
  • If you are implementing any targets, make sure that they are fair and attainable.
  • Employees should feel that they can come and talk to you if they are having any problems. Having an “open door” policy shows employees that you are accessible and provide assistance when necessary. It also shows that you care.

Try Them And See!

Do you think that you could try some of these in your workplace? We understand that smaller companies maybe can’t offer as much in the way of free lunches and the like. But little things really do add up. Having a happy and productive workplace doesn’t just happen – it takes work! Let us know how you get on with trying some of these. We’d love to hear how you’re getting on!