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Why it’s time to rethink your Behance portfolio

By Ellis Rigby on

When you’re drifting off to sleep, have you ever had the feeling that you’re falling from a curb before bolting back into consciousness? Well, we get that same feeling when we’re speaking to Graphic Designers who tell us they have a Behance portfolio.

Of course, we understand why so many Designers use the Behance platform to showcase their work, but it can, and does, put off potential employers. But why, we hear you ask?! Dare we say that it’s usually because it’s not that creative…

As creatives, creativity is your selling point and the way in which you showcase your talents is equally as important. Behance takes that away from you.

Let’s start by stating the obvious. It’s all very ‘samey, samey’ and design isn’t about being the same! With the layouts being so uniformed, it’s hard to stand-out, even if your work is top-notch. It means that you can’t tell your story and the story of the brand. You can’t show how your idea was taken from concept through to completion. You can’t show why you have selected the pieces that you have. You can’t show the entire process. And, to state the obvious yet again, that’s incredibly important, especially when you’re trying to look for a new role.

In 2019 there are so many options out there, that Behance needn’t be one of them! Create a digital portfolio that can be sent and viewed easily. Showcase your layout skills, showcase the work that you’re proud of without it being seen by hundreds, showcase your use of whitespace, typography, and beautiful imagery. Be as proud of your own portfolio as the work which you do for others.

A digital portfolio is also much easier to share with potential employers and easier to digest. As an onlooker, a digital portfolio really reflects the person behind it and shows what you can bring to the table. The same can be said for having your own website.

We understand that there may be some costs associated with having your own website, and this could be off-putting, but having your own website certainly gets our seal of approval and our clients. Again, it’s all about showing what you can do with a blank canvas, and a website is the perfect canvas for you to hang your art on! Having your own website also allows you to add your CV and direct contact details, you can even have a page that just talks about you!

That’s another thing that Behance is guilty of. It doesn’t just limit your creativity, it limits your personality too. Your personality must shine through, as should your enthusiasm for what it is you’ve created. Personality is up there with experience. Cultural fit is an integral part of the hiring process and if you can show just a smidgen of your personality, then that can surely only be a good thing?

AI might be gunning for the future, but at the end of the day, people like to hire people. They like to work with people. They like to hang-out with other people. As cool as AI might seem, we bet you wouldn’t pop for after work drinks in the beer garden (wishful thinking) with a little robot?!

So, what we’re saying is use your imagination. It’s what the design industry is built on and what’s expected of a solid Designer. And, if you’re not sure where to start then our portfolio hints may point you in the right direction.