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10 ways to overcome interview knock-backs.

By Simon on

I understand how you may feel if interviews aren’t going to plan, or you’ve been under a barrage of knock-backs. Here are 10 things that may help, all based on personal experiences!

  1. The world is upside down so do not take anything personally. Opportunities are limited and applications are a lot higher than normal so if you don’t get a response, it is not your fault or as calamitous as you think it is.
  2. Don’t waste your time on companies that do not respond or keep you waiting an eternity for an answer. Or, those who penny pinch on salaries but fill their offices with all the latest and most pointless gizmo’s. Just, keep moving forward and wait for no one.
  3. We’re all complex, unique, fallible and ever-changing. It is impossible for anyone to get the measure of your true ability from a CV or 1/2 interviews.
  4. As humans, we can easily allow the opinion of others to reduce our self-worth. A knock back from an interview is the opinion of just one person. Just because you are not right for one firm does not mean you aren’t right for the next.
  5. Pay attention to the successes and positive feedback, not the negatives. Even if you have got through to an interview – take that as a huge plus – in this market, it’s quite an achievement.
  6. Do not listen to words such as rejected or unsuitable – they’re abhorrent and lack any form of sincerity.
  7. Treat each application or interview with fresh eyes and learn from each one. It’s hard but suspend any prior thoughts, opinions and experiences of ones that have not gone to plan.
  8. CV’s won’t win over every heart and mind but stick to some of the golden rules. Be as creative and colourful as you want but do ensure the reader can quickly grasp your skills and be able to get hold of you, quickly. Also, do ensure your LinkedIn profile supports or compliments your CV.
  9. If you don’t like blowing your own trumpet, ask damn good questions and be a great listener. It takes the heat off you and the onus is then on the interviewer to come up with the goods!
  10. Take it for granted that you will experience sadness and disappointment but let those knock-backs fuel your determination and grit for future scenarios.

Most of all, we’re here to help as well, even if it’s a few tips on your CV or general chit-chat on life – working in recruitment has taught us one thing… and that’s resilience so we may be able to pass on a few tips.