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7 Reasons Why Candidates Lose Interest

During 2017, employers and recruiters found it even harder to find talented people. For the past four years, candidate availability has been falling, and the record high UK employment rate, plus a slowdown in the number of EU nationals coming to work here is exacerbating the situation, leaving many roles…

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Your Career Is Your Own

In your career, most days you’ll get up at nasty o’clock, hit the snooze, maybe hit it again, then haul yourself out of your sack because you need to get to work. You’ll then spend the vast majority of your day in your work domain, and at times, it will…

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Ssshh! It’s Time To Talk About Salary Expectations

When many candidates first approach us, they tell us they’re moving for a whole host of reasons, ranging from a long commute, to unsuitable company culture, to lack of development and progression, to work-life balance. Some feel that they have simply reached a ceiling and want a new challenge, or that they need to be pushed to achieve their long-term career ambitions. They very rarely touch on the main thing that drives most people to move – their salary.

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Should We Hire Candidates More On Instinct?

A person is so much more interesting if we look beyond what is visible to the naked eye – there is so much more to see. So why are we still placing so much emphasis on what is in black and white – the CV – when there is such a chronic skills shortage? I genuinely believe that our natural instinct is to assume there must be something wrong if a CV does not tick all the boxes. But the trick is to challenge this feeling. It’s very easy to filter and judge, but I believe every one has a story to tell. A lot of people, particularly at a junior level, are rejected out of hand for the wrong reasons.

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