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AI vs. Marketers: Is AI Going to Take My Marketing Job?

By Emma Tee on

If this technology can go wrong, it can go quite wrong”. Those were the words to come from Sam Altman, the Founder of ChatGPT. This is also coupled with a recent report published by Goldman Sachs that predicts AI will replace 300 million full-time jobs. Both are concerning statements, so we understand how the sudden prominence of AI could be a worry and leave you begging the question “Will AI take my marketing job?”. 

Over recent months there has been a definite surge in people talking about all things AI. LinkedIn is filled with it and if you hop over to TikTok for some light relief, you’ll find the likes of Coach Lukas stopping people in the street and asking questions such as “Will AI take your job?” and “Are you afraid of AI?”.

It may all feel very futuristic and alien, but with accessibility to platforms increasing, its use is going to grow, but is it going to take your job? We don’t think so (let’s hope these aren’t famous last words!).

We’re also not alone in our thinking as we recently asked our LinkedIn followers their thoughts on the subject and found only 13% thought their role would be overtaken by AI.

There really is no definitive answer yet, we simply don’t know how AI will integrate into the world of work and how companies will embrace it. There is no doubt that its use is going to become more commonplace and a bigger part of our day-to-day, but we can quite confidently say that marketers will never be 100% replaced. 

No matter its development, AI could never read emotions, or understand behaviours and cultural nuances like people can. It will also never replace genuine human connection. Siri and Alexa just don’t cut it – they’ll never be the same as your pals or work colleagues, and you won’t be able to meet up with them to share your thoughts, ideas, and a beer or two!

However, we can see AI being used where that human touch isn’t needed. 

First up it’s going to be at the forefront of data. Data, along with a sprinkling of creativity, are at the heart of most marketing roles and with tools that collect and analyse data already available, this is an area that will only grow, enabling marketers to better identify trends and inform strategy.

Collaboration is also where it will come into its own. We understand that collaborating with something that isn’t human sounds and feels strange, but we can see it being used as a collaborative tool within the creative industry. Able to pull mass amounts of data, AI will be able to provide marketers with valuable insights at the touch of a button. Content performance, consumer preferences, and market trends will be readily available and AI will also be there to provide actionable recommendations, which you can then put into practice. 

AI automation will also be high on the list and will be used in places that don’t require the human touch. 

Of course, all of this will still need to be tweaked and monitored, so needs people at its heart.

In truth, we (and even the professionals out there that have a better grasp of AI) don’t yet know how it’s going to impact the way we work and the creative industry as a whole. So, while AI is going to change the landscape, it’s not going to replace marketers. Instead, we can see it becoming an efficient tool that will support you in your role and free you up to do the more important things, like injecting creativity into a campaign or building relationships with clients.