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How To Explain A Gap in Your CV

List of things that shouldn’t be ignored: The last point is the most relevant for now.  Trust us when we say a gap in your CV isn’t the worst thing in the world. The award for that easily goes to stepping on a plug. Having a gap in your CV…

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Where Can a Career in Digital Marketing Take You?

Known as the ‘Decade of Disruption’, the past ten years have seen technology advance, more than we could have imagined. From the introduction of the Apple watch and the emergence of electric cars through to the surge in augmented reality, the increased use of voice notes, and the perpetual fear…

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Choosing the Perfect Candidate for Your Dream Team!

Ask any business owner what the most challenging aspect of owning their own company is and we can almost guarantee that almost all will answer ‘hiring’.  Hiring is a headache, it’s why we’re here (if you need us, give us a ring, we love a chat!). Get it right and…

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Mastering Marketing: Unveiling the Traits of Top-Notch Marketers!

In our 35 years, we’ve met our fair share of successful Marketers (we wouldn’t like to know how many it would make us feel old!).  Throughout our years, the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is that success isn’t just determined by education or knowledge of the latest marketing trends and platforms…

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AI vs. Marketers: Is AI Going to Take My Marketing Job?

“If this technology can go wrong, it can go quite wrong”. Those were the words to come from Sam Altman, the Founder of ChatGPT. This is also coupled with a recent report published by Goldman Sachs that predicts AI will replace 300 million full-time jobs. Both are concerning statements, so…

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