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Common traits of effective hirers.

By Simon on

The economic and political uncertainty has caused candidates to become more cautious in their approach to moving jobs, which is making it extremely difficult for companies to find the most apt people.    

However, it’s not impossible and below are the traits of some of the best hirers I’ve worked with & often, get the people they want, quickly & effectively.    

They understand the finer nuances of a role/company & from the word go, have zero doubt & hesitation about what they want. They do not wait for comparisons or hesitate once the right person is sitting in front of them. Most of all, they accept the differences in who they meet & embrace what they have in common.     

They support & encourage & are candid, nice & always go the extra mile in trying to relax people and give them freedom to be themselves.   They will always provide honest feedback, quickly & they’re the first to say sorry if something goes amiss.    

They’re never too busy. It’s very easy in the rush of life to overlook people. It’s the same with hiring – people will always make excuses about not having time. NO matter how busy you are – you must make time, or great people lose interest. Most of all, you must make quality time to make a real difference. So, when the ace CV lands in your inbox, give them your full attention.  

They don’t make assumptions
– far too often people make judgements about others even before meeting them.  For example, we’ve hired people from there before & it doesn’t work. Put the assumptions that you’ve garnered from a CV or idle rumour to the back of your head. See people for who they are, decide on what you see rather than what you hear. In other words, make up your own mind.

They listen more than talk – way too many interviews are far too one sided. The better you get to know someone, the more accurately you can predict how they are going to behave in your business. A deeper insight will enable you to get a better picture of how you will manage them, work with them, and how you will get them to do things that are critical to the role.

They don’t make salaries taboo
– you need to recognise that avoiding the salary issue will cause you more harm than is necessary. It’s worth risking an honest debate about an individual’s expectations and what you can offer. Chances are your candidate will appreciate your candidness as well as being relieved that they had the chance to talk through it with you.

You want commitment from day one – don’t scrimp on salary. Pay what the job is worth & not on someone’s previous salary. Savvy people know their worth and so should you. Buy cheap, buy twice, as the old adage goes!

They’re objective – hiring is often emotional, it’s human nature to do business with people you like, and we’re not saying you shouldn’t hire people you gel with; however, you need to think about the finer details of the job and if that person can fulfil them. It’s tough but must be done. Maybe see the first interview with your head and the second your heart, or vice-versa.

They don’t sit back – Don’t think everyone will be interested in you. Every single ‘credible’ person you meet will have other options and they will not wait for you to make up your mind. Move quicker than your competition, more than ever before!

Hiring is never straight forward but stick to the above & you win more than you lose.