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Why It’s Important To Think Twice Before Moving Jobs

By Simon on

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first career break, or have ten years’ experience under your belt, changing jobs is something we can all relate to. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the moment when you first discover you’ve been offered your dream role. Or if you secure a position at a company you’ve always wanted to work for.

Moving jobs can be a wonderful experience

However, like most things in life, if you’re serious about where you want the next step in your career to take you, it takes time, energy and commitment to get it right.

For instance, the interview process, though still be referred to as the interview process, no longer just involves interviews! These days, candidates tend to undergo at least two interviews. Then there’s additional criteria to factor in like presentations, psychometric testing and writing tests (particularly if you’re going for a media relations or copywriting role).

There’s also the practicality of finding the time to prepare for your interviews, tests, presentations, and to gen up on your prospective employer. Not to mention then having to take time off to attend your interviews! Last, but not least, you also need to ensure you’re mentally prepared to say goodbye to your friends/colleagues. Moving on and bidding farewell can be incredibly emotional at times!

Contrary to popular belief, moving jobs isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Not if you’re serious about finding a new job.

We get a lot of calls from people in PR, communications, marketing, digital and creative roles who ‘are just seeing what’s out there’. While it’s absolutely fine to keep an eye on what’s happening in the market – in fact, it’s something we recommend – there’s a distinct different between dipping your toe in the water and looking because you really have set your sights on getting a new job.

Casually browsing for a job isn’t the best approach to finding your next role

You’ve got to be 100% committed to moving. As opposed to suddenly deciding to up sticks because you’ve had a bad day or aren’t enjoying your current project.

In our experience, account executives tend to stay in their first job for 12 months. They start to see their colleague(s) and friend(s) move on and think the time’s right for them to leave too.

However, this isn’t always necessarily the best thing to do. Unless you’re really unhappy in your role, deciding to bide your time for another six to twelve months will stand you in much better stead. You’ll have really learnt your role, honed your skills, increased your market worth (as you’ll have more sustained experience under your belt) and have a much stronger CV.

Questions to ask

Next time you suddenly feel the urge to find a new job or start putting your name forward for current vacancies, ask yourself the following questions – and be honest with yourself:

  1. Am I truly unhappy where I am?
  2. Would staying where I am for another six to twelve months hinder my career?
  3. Can I picture myself in the potential new role?
  4. Is it the right time for me to move now?
  5. Am I prepared to invest the time, energy and commitment in putting myself forward for this role?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then now might be the time for you to move jobs. However, if you haven’t, then you might be better off staying put. Invest some more time in your current role and treat your career as a marathon not a sprint.

Got any questions or want to find out more about whether or not you’re ready to make your next move? Contact our team of specialists on 0121 355 0955 or consult@afselection.co.uk.