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Quality Candidates: Don’t Let Them Slip Through Your Fingers

By Emma Tee on

The fast-paced life of a recruiter is what we love. We spend every day filtering through applications and pairing up great candidates with our clients. Fortunately, the quality of candidates is increasing – but the number of candidates applying isn’t. Consequently, by the time employers make a decision on a candidate, they’ve already gone.

What Does This Mean?

This pattern is occurring more frequently than ever before, though we do understand why. The decision-making process can be difficult for clients as they’re specifically looking for candidates who tick all of the boxes. But what if they tick the majority of them?

We care about our candidates and our clients. So we do our very best to ensure we find the perfect match for both. So if you see a candidate that is 90% perfect for the job role, but also has transferable skills, we advise you to think fast. That candidate is an “all-rounder”. They’re able to adapt to roles quickly and can swiftly become the perfect employee for your company. However, these are the candidates that will most likely have more than one interview and secure more than on job offer. The decision of whether they accept is now in their court.

Candidate- Or Client-Driven?

Employers used to have complete control over the employees they wanted to hire. But the vast majority of recruiters now say that it’s a candidate-driven employment market (83% of the 333 responding recruiters to be precise!), and we agree.

Imagine yourself leaving a really tasty cupcake in the kitchen because you’re saving it for after dinner. This cupcake has a fluffy centre, covered in soft butter icing, and is topped with sprinkles (a good amount, but more can be added later). However, it’s been left on the worktop for too long and becomes tempting to other members in your family, which finally results to one of them eating it. Yes, this is the same feeling many clients are experiencing when they find a top quality candidate.

Make Your Mind Up On Candidates

A recent Recruiter Sentiment Study says that employers take too long to long to make up their mind. “Many companies are too slow to pull the trigger which provides candidates with the time to investigate other opportunities”. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the employment process may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. We have based our business on good values and we possess a strong sense of purpose and integrity. The owners of AF Selection are actively involved in helping candidates and clients through the recruitment process, and they do all they can to ensure that they’re adding value to both candidates and clients.

So the moral of the story is, take enough time to decide whether a candidate is right for your company, but if they show passion, commitment and potential in becoming the perfect employee, give them a chance – before someone else does!