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How to Land A Job in a Slow Market

By Emma Tee on

With the cost of living ever increasing and the news as “joyous” as it is, it seems that most of us are expecting a bleak winter. And, unless Truss or Sunak sweep in with a plan as well received as furlough, companies are going to struggle too. 

As of today, there is no support in place for companies that are due to come up against it this winter and with no energy price cap in place for businesses, there are certainly going to be some that will struggle. So, as people and companies start to tighten their spending belts, we expect the jobs market to slow down following the boom we have experienced post-pandemic. 

However, in saying this, it won’t mean that jobs won’t be around. Companies will still need to hire, they can’t run on skeleton staff and usually need to replace leavers, so jobs will be there and you can feel confident in your move as the companies that do hire won’t have taken the decision lightly and will be 100% sure that they need to add to the team. You’ll also find that some companies will boom during this period, like those in the energy and healthcare sector…

As the market slows, you’ll find that your approach to job searching may change too, and you’ll hopefully have time on your side to get your CV in tip-top shape

Once your CV is where you need it to be, it’s time to start your search. 

Job Sites

Of course, the usual places you’re likely to see available jobs will still be there. Indeed, Reed and LinkedIn aren’t going to dry up overnight, but be mindful that it’s likely you won’t see as many new jobs on there as you usually do. To make your life easier and stop endlessly scrolling through the same adverts, make sure you sign up for new job alerts – this means that you’ll be notified as soon as a role that you may be interested in becomes available. 


Networking doesn’t mean standing awkwardly around a lukewarm tea urn and talking about the weather. Nowadays, networking can be done online and it’s a great option when the market slows down. Make yourself known to people in your industry or people who work in or have connections with companies you’re interested in working in. Make a list of people you’d like to connect with, send an invite and introduce yourself. Add value by creating insightful content or commenting on your connection’s content, showcasing your knowledge and experience. Another great way to get connected is by attending webinars hosted by companies or people you’re interested in connecting with, and signing up for newsletters, that way you can connect and open straight away with a line that shows you’re already engaged. Sending an invite with a short note saying “I found the stats in your webinar really helpful, thank you for taking the time to host” is a much better opening than just sending blank invites. Do what you can to keep yourself in someone else’s mind, this way, if a role does become available, you’ll be their first thought. 


Of course, we’re going to say this… but recruiters have connections that you might want to tap into. When choosing to work with a recruiter, choose a specialist in your field, one that knows about the industry, and keep your options limited. Choosing to work with two or three recruitment agencies is enough. As recruiters, we will all have our own connections and will have shared connections too  – what you don’t want to do is have so many recruiters working for you that you end up saying yes to the same job five times (you may think you have five times the chance, but it does you no favours – believe us!). It might be that we don’t have a perfect role for you when you first reach out, but we will keep your details on file which means you’ll appear in searches and be in our minds when roles do crop up

Despite the news not being the most positive at the moment, don’t let it stop you and your career. Companies will still be hiring, you might have to change your approach and even be asked to open your mind and consider roles that you wouldn’t ordinarily. There are plenty of missed opportunities because of preconceptions, so take them into account, broaden your horizons, stick to our tips and, most of all, stay positive.

You’ll be able to get the job you deserve.