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The Digital Marketing Recruitment Market in 2022

By Dan Jones on

Digital marketing is, in the modern age of ecommerce and online experiences, more important than ever. In terms of recruitment and job availability, one might assume that the number of vacancies and candidates are equally matched – but the reality is far from simple.

Digital marketing recruitment agencies around the world are finding it harder than ever to identify and hire the best candidates to fill vacancies across all levels – from entry level positions to senior vacancies. But why? And what can both recruitment agencies and clients do to keep their recruitment driving forward in a productive and positive way?

Why is it so hard to hire digital marketers?

Digital marketing as an industry relies on technology, online trends, and ever-changing customer demands and experiences across different touchpoints. A big part of the industry – and each role associated with it – is keeping up with these changes and trends. What that means is that the needs of a company looking to hire new team members is constantly changing, with companies across all industries needing to keep up with these trends in order to remain relevant in the eyes of their customer. So, how does that affect recruitment? In short, it leaves both companies and candidates struggling to keep pace with the evolution of digital, with companies always looking for marketers who can keep up with the latest changes, while candidates struggle to keep their skills up to date and relevant for different positions.

Another factor making digital marketing recruitment so challenging in todays climate is the simple fact that employees aren’t willing to move roles or companies unless the offering is really enticing. Job security cannot be understated following the pandemic and Brexit, and with the cost of living rising now more than ever before, many employees value the stability they have in their current role. To make them move, you need to offer something pretty special.

That brings us nicely onto the next factor which is competitive salary – and the lack thereof. Digital marketing is such a broad industry that the variation in available salaries is high, with salary dependent on everything from location to company, industry, and specific job role. For those valuing their vacancies towards the lower end of the spectrum, not only will you be unlikely to attract the best candidates, but you could even do damage to your reputation as an employer.

Finally, to those buzzwords which are so often littered throughout the job vacancy postings of today. Digital marketing is a complex topic and, as we’ve already discussed, it is constantly changing. But recruitment agencies and companies are doing themselves no favours by packing each listing with the kind of terminology and buzzwords which are unnecessary and confusing. When you use acronyms like PPC and SEO in the vacancy, all you are doing is isolating those who don’t fully understand what they mean but who might prove a great asset to your team if only you made the listing more accessible.  

What can recruitment agencies and clients do?

The answer lies in the way you conduct your digital marketing recruitment, from the vacancy listing all the way through to the negotiation and job offer stage. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to put yourself into the shoes of those candidates and identify what they are looking for in a new role.

  • Consider the fact that workers won’t move unless the opportunity is really enticing, and work that into your vacancy listing. 
  • Create a competitive salary based on the offerings of your competitors. Remember that the cost of living is rising, and job security is more valuable than ever, so if you hope to entice the best candidates then your salary needs to be realistic and worthy of their experience and loyalty.
  • Make your vacancy listing stand out but for all the right reasons. Working with a digital marketing recruitment agency can help you to position both your company and your job vacancies in the best possible light, creating listings which entice candidates, and which make them feel valued.
  • If you’re concerned about the changing market and the constantly evolving skillsets that your employees need to keep up with the world of digital marketing and online, then offer training. When you train your team, not only do you ensure that they have the skills that you need them to have, but you also bolster the rate of retention by giving them opportunities for professional and personal development. Training is a big part of employee loyalty and cannot be understated when it comes to the reasons why workers stay in certain roles for a long time.

The digital marketing sphere is changing all the time, and to many of the companies seeking their ideal candidates, it can often feel like the talent pool is limited. But with so many factors responsible for driving candidates away from a potential new role, now is a great time to reassess your offer, evaluate the success of your job listings, and compare your listings with the wider marketplace in order to understand where your company stands.