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Attracting Creative Marketers: Strategies for Success

By Simon on

In the wild midst of hiring, companies often find themselves in a predicament: they’re desperately seeking a creative marketer but can’t seem to entice the right talent. Why is that you ask? The below may help.  

The Bland Job Ad

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, sipping your morning coffee, and suddenly, a job ad pops up. The title reads “Marketing Manager”. You click on it, excited about the possibilities. And then, you find yourself knee-deep in jargon soup – not just an enormous and unrealistic list of essentials and desirables, which is then followed by “A dynamic, forward-thinking maverick” or “A results-driven guru” and “Master of the universe“. What a load of codswallop.

Here’s a thought, try being human and let your job ad read like an actual conversation, not like an alien trying to impersonate a corporate robot. If you want to attract creative marketers, be just that, take a risk and entice someone to you. Why tell an SEO Specialist, you’ll need to be experienced in SEO?! Speak their language and show them the unique personality of your company. Forget the jargon and give them a sense of what it’s really like to work with your team. Ultimately, your proposition needs to jerk a reaction, not a roll of the eyes. 

The Tale of the Lost Details

Now, some job ads are so cryptic that it’s like playing darts in the dark, blindfolded, or searching for treasure without a map. You know they’re looking for someone, but what are the details? What’s the job about? What kind of creative freedom will you have? It’s all a bit of a guessing game.

Solve the Mystery: Show and Tell

If you’re on the hunt for a creative marketing manager, give them a taste of what’s in store. Share a snippet of your company culture, the exciting projects they’ll be a part of, and the challenges they’ll tackle. Be specific about the expectations, but don’t forget to showcase the fun side of your workplace too. Humans aren’t robots and want a sense of what they’re walking into.

The Riddle of “Requirements”

Now, this is the big one. Some companies want a marketing manager who’s on par with Harry Potter at Hogwarts, has X-ray vision, and can speak seven languages, fluently. Of course, it’s a tad exaggerated, but you get the point. The laundry list of “requirements” can be daunting. Focus on the absolute key essentials, and the rest is a real bonus.     

Solve the Mystery: Prioritise Skills Over Degrees

Creative marketers are as unique as their ideas, and it’s often more important to focus on their skills, experience, and enthusiasm over the degrees they have. While qualifications are important, prioritise qualities that genuinely matter for the role. Focus on the skills that will make the candidate excel in the job rather than arbitrary checkboxes.

The Ghostly Application Process

Imagine a marketing candidate who’s made it through your cryptic job ad and wants to apply but finds the application process is like navigating a labyrinth. Multiple forms to fill out, a redundant number of documents to submit, and an interview that feels like a never-ending saga. It’s enough to scare even the most adventurous job seeker away.

Your application process should be like a leisurely stroll in the park, not a frantic quest. Make it straightforward, user-friendly, and efficient. Avoid unnecessary hurdles and expedite the process. Show candidates you respect their time and effort.

In the End, It’s a Happy Ending… or Not

The moral of the story is this – attracting creative marketing managers doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Make your job ads human, provide insight into the role, prioritise skills over unnecessary qualifications, and streamline the application process. It’s a recipe for success that will have talented marketing managers knocking on your door, eager to join your creative team.

So, next time you’re crafting a job ad, remember the fun side of recruitment and watch your quest for the perfect candidate become a little less arduous.

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