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Mastering Marketing: Unveiling the Traits of Top-Notch Marketers!

By Emma Tee on

In our 35 years, we’ve met our fair share of successful Marketers (we wouldn’t like to know how many it would make us feel old!). 

Throughout our years, the biggest lesson we’ve learnt is that success isn’t just determined by education or knowledge of the latest marketing trends and platforms – although that does help. Instead, we’ve discovered there are common traits that successful marketers demonstrate time and time again which make them stand out from the crowd! 

Understanding these traits will make you thrive in your marketing career, whether you are at the beginning of your marketing journey or a seasoned Marketing Manager. So we think it’s about time we explore the traits that will set you apart. 


One of the most crucial traits of successful marketers is their ability to adapt to change. The marketing sphere is fast-paced, with new platforms, technologies and trends exploding every two minutes. The successful ones are the ones who enjoy and embrace change and get a thrill from jumping on trends and adjusting their strategies to meet the latest tech or trend. Change isn’t something to fear for a successful marketer, instead, it’s seen as an opportunity for growth. 


Creativity is at the heart of marketing, and whilst some roles aren’t as creative as others, almost every marketing role calls for someone who loves thinking outside of the box! A creative mindset and innovative approach stand marketers in good stead, especially when crafting compelling content and original campaigns. 


Whilst creativity is essential, the most successful marketers all have an innate passion for data. They’re usually skilled at analysing and interpreting data to understand behaviours, track performance, and make adjustments for world-class results. Being data-driven enables successful marketers to make informed decisions, which will in turn, result in more effective marketing strategies and increased awareness. 


A key trait of any successful marketer is their ability to communicate. Successful marketers are not only able to build rapport and forge close-knit working relationships, they’re also able to convey their message clearly and persuasively across a mix of audiences. Whether it’s through blog posts, captivating images, videos, or even presentations, top marketers excel when it comes to communication. 


Curiosity is king and successful marketers have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to explore new ideas and strategies. They always stay curious about their industry, competitors, and emerging trends. It’s this curiosity that fuels innovation and originality. 


This is a biggie that most gloss over, but being able to empathise with your audience is paramount. The best marketers can put themselves in their audience’s shoes, not only to create campaigns and collateral that resonate but to also identify any objections or potential issues (did anyone catch the M&S Christmas Instagram post?). This empathetic approach also enables marketers to take on board customer feedback, conduct unbiased research, and stay attuned to changing preferences and the latest news.


Marketing isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. If you’re a marketer who’s been in the industry for a while, you’ll know it can be a challenging field to work in, with top-class content that you’ve spent 8 weeks on not being the viral success you thought it would be or campaigns not always yielding immediate results. Successful marketers are resilient and don’t get discouraged by failures, instead, they look at a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow


Above all, the most successful marketers are laser-focused on their audience and what the consumer wants. Without them, all of their hard work would amount to nothing. It’s why they continually seek ways to enhance the customer experience and are laser-focused on building loyalty.

These are all crucial traits that we see every single week. Whilst you can’t change who you are, if you embody and work to develop these traits, you can excel in your marketing career and consistently deliver outstanding results.