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Don’t be Afraid to Make a Career Change

By Emma Tee on

Now is most likely not the time to consider a career change because you may have other priorities but, if there was ever a time to reflect and consider doing something different, it’s now.

If you’ve only done what you’re used to, you’ll never truly know what you are capable of and possibly, not be stretching yourself enough to achieve what you really want. This is not about money either – some people are extremely happy making a modest living and are more than happy to do this. I genuinely applaud people like this. It’s about doing what’s right for you, whether it’s opening up a bike shop or setting up being a travel guide for trips to the Himalayas.

A new challenge can be sometimes emotionally challenging or daunting but do not let it deter you from doing something that’s been at the back of your mind for some time. The old adage of taking one step at a time is very useful in some circumstances such as writing a book or building a house, which will take a certain amount of dexterity and mental planning. However, if you are disgruntled and want to better yourself and are looking to make big changes, I’d advocate taking a big whopper of a jump. Imagine diving off a high diving board for the first time – it’s nerve wracking but, the feeling of pride and satisfaction afterwards is quite literally, exhilarating.

Times like this have taught us that time is precious and it’s the same as your career – it is short-lived so hanging around in a job that is making you unhappy, stale and frustrated is simply – not on. I’m not saying all jobs are bad – some are a lot better than you think the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side but, if you are not getting a buzz or feeling energised to perform, hanging around will only make you feel less wonderful. Building a new career gets your mind fully focused and if it’s something you really want to do, the passion and pride will drive you on. And, if it does not go to plan –  so what! Try and try again until it does work out for you.

It may take a certain amount of thinking but there is zero point in hanging about if your heart is just not in it anymore. Those days of getting up and thinking, do I really have to do this, need to be annihilated. I’m not saying everyone should start thinking of jumping ship or taking a trip round the world to find yourself (never got that one!). I also think that we now expect a lot from our job and employer and those wishes of just simply cannot be met  – not everyone can offer shorter days, better pay, wonderful office spaces and many other things that people tend to look for.

I’ve seen many people over the years significantly change their career paths, from a Chartered Accountant becoming a Clothes Designer and a Doctor becoming a Chef, so it can be achieved. Don’t keep promising yourself you’ll do it as well – set a firm date and stick to it. Also, don’t think that it’s confident people that succeed, it isn’t. There is zero correlation between success and personal confidence. It is your competence and innate skill at doing something that breeds an inner belief and confidence – not vice-versa.

Some people are scared of moving jobs or changing careers because of the pain or rejection they’ve experienced in their present or previous jobs. This feeling is perfectly normal but, do not forget that no two companies or person(s) are the same. Face that fear, embrace it and rise above it. My advice is to quite simply crack on and do it. Too many people spend time languishing in their careers and jobs just to pay the bills, so either – stop spending so much or, spend your life how you truly want to.