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A little message from us all.

By Simon on

It’s been tough knowing what to write but we’re attempting to carry on as normal, and communicating with as many people as possible is helping and keeping us in connection with each other.

To know what counts and what doesn’t has really hit home to us, and we suspect it has to many far and wide. We’ve been genuinely touched by the generosity, kindness, and humility of our clients and for that, we’ll be eternally indebted to you.

Some business owners have gone out of their way to help their employees and for those people – their actions won’t be forgotten. We’ve seen in each other a more altruistic manner and are pretty sure we’re now seeing people in their most natural light. It’s been truly wonderful.

The other positive we’ve seen is the amount of people that are now picking up the phone and talking to each other! We don’t have a downer on technology – in fact we have a real interest in new tech but, connection is something we’ve missed over the past few years, with it now being directed via email, text and WhatsApp – maybe it will bring out our natural instincts to stay connected in a more human way. We genuinely hope this continues for many years to come.

We’d be lying if we say it’s been good for everyone. It hasn’t. Many have been let go and some candidates that have left jobs for pastures new, have seen their offers pulled. We have, however, seen some companies delay start dates and stay engaged with us and their new starters, which again, has been truly brilliant.

We’re doing our very best to help such individuals, even if it’s the simplest thing, such as a tweak to a CV or advice on the general jobs market, if know anyone who needs some advice or if any of you have any tips for us – please send them our way.

On a positive note, Alan Titchmarsh will be bewildered by the gardening abilities of our nation. People will deem the loss of a finger as a badge of honour due to the surge in DIY enthusiasts, and Masterchef will hit 475,000 applications in a few months’ time.  You never know, Gregg may disappear off our screens forever and be replaced by someone who can eat properly! And, just so you all know, Deb made it back from Thailand – just!

Take care & we genuinely wish everyone all the very best in such extremely difficult circumstances, and let’s hope that we’ll be the ones under the umbrellas soon!