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2016: Will The New Year See More Skills Shortages?

I have recruited for the agency and in-house sectors for the best part of 20 years. I’ve witnessed many changes and behavioural patterns in how companies recruit and people seek new careers. As a business, we have always had some inkling as to how the jobs market will pan out: whether it will be a candidate’s or client’s market, or whether certain sectors will prosper or find it tough to attract talented individuals. What will happen in 2016?

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Overview Of The 2015 Creative Jobs Market

It’s been a strange old year with more roles being registered in the agency and in-house sectors since July 2013, but the lack of skilled candidates has been at its highest since 2010, which is clearly having a detrimental impact on many company’s ambitions to grow and prosper.

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Candidate Interviews and Creativity: “A Brick Or A Blanket?”

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the lack of candidates in the creative sectors, in particular digital and PR, is having a detrimental impact on many companies’ aspirations to grow. This is particularly apparent in the agency sector. Although in-house roles, which normally have more success in sourcing relevant candidates, are now beginning to experience the feeling of being unable to plug gaps in their workforce. So what’s happening with candidate interviews?

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How To Handle Negative Interview Feedback

It is unequivocally a royal pain in the derriere when you’ve been to one, two, or sometimes even three interviews, and you receive a response that says “we really liked you, but we’ve found someone that is a better fit”. It may be dressed up differently at times, but the bottom line is that you’ve not been successful. Receiving negative interview feedback is simply not a pleasant experience.

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