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Job hunting made easier

Normally a new job is high on the New Year wish list. When seeing colleagues move on, it can be tempting to follow suit, but before taking the plunge, don’t underestimate the effort and time involved and really think it through.  In truth, in today’s digital and marketing scene, employers…

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How to keep your top talent: 6 employee retention strategies

It may seem counterintuitive for us, recruiters, to write a post about employee retention strategies, but as the talent shortage continues it’s worth doing all you can to keep hold of the talent that you have.  The Great Resignation took hold last year. Heaps of people started to leave in…

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5 Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Combined, we have over 80 years of recruitment experience so we’ve experienced our fair share of interviews! There have been some stellar ones with people being offered during the first, others that haven’t gone so well, and, as you can imagine, we’ve collected some great stories throughout the years, mostly…

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Common traits of effective hirers.

The economic and political uncertainty has caused candidates to become more cautious in their approach to moving jobs, which is making it extremely difficult for companies to find the most apt people.     However, it’s not impossible and below are the traits of some of the best hirers I’ve worked…

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