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Quiet Quitting: What is it and how to prevent it?

12 months ago, the term “Quiet Quitting” was barely a whisper and by August 2022, Google saw the search term skyrocket! ? It’s a new phenomenon, a term on everybody’s lips and an issue that a good few employers are experiencing, with one in three UK workers reportedly citing that…

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13 questions to ask in an interview to really stand out

An interview is your chance to make a great impression on a potential employer and improve your chances of nabbing the job, you’ll want to leave them by asking the right questions. At the end of almost every interview, you’ll have the opportunity to take the floor and ask your…

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Job hunting made easier

Normally a new job is high on the New Year wish list. When seeing colleagues move on, it can be tempting to follow suit, but before taking the plunge, don’t underestimate the effort and time involved and really think it through.  In truth, in today’s digital and marketing scene, employers…

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