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Holidays and Sickies: How Important Is Your Holiday Package?

Photos of former President Obama’s holiday, as well as the occurrence earlier this month of National Sickie Day, got us thinking. How much does our holiday allowance affect our work? Would a holiday allowance affect a job offer? If not enough holiday days are on offer, have people ‘pulled sickies’ in order to get more time off?

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Views of the Future: Predictions for the Job Market in 2017

February is fast approaching, and it’s left us feeling almost nostalgic for January – almost, but not quite! But looking back at January does have its advantages: it can be useful in making predictions of how the year will go for both job seekers and companies looking to hire, in terms of vacancies, candidates, and salaries.

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Job Hunting and Recruiting in the New Year

As we arrive bleary-eyed back at work in January, clutching the last box of mince pies and fumbling to put the kettle on, it can seem like this is the most uneventful time of the year. We at AF Selection, however, know that this is one of the best times to look for a new job or for a new employee.

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Ssshh! It’s Time To Talk About Salary Expectations

When many candidates first approach us, they tell us they’re moving for a whole host of reasons, ranging from a long commute, to unsuitable company culture, to lack of development and progression, to work-life balance. Some feel that they have simply reached a ceiling and want a new challenge, or that they need to be pushed to achieve their long-term career ambitions. They very rarely touch on the main thing that drives most people to move – their salary.

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Should You Meet Your Recruiter?

I was lucky enough to meet Paul Jacobs of Loveworklife at the Recruitment Expo 2016 a few days ago. I attended a seminar where he talked about recruiters engaging our 5 senses and how technology is, in a nutshell, turning us into robots. He has a very valid point

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