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Video Interview Tips

Unless you’ve spent the last few weeks huddled in a duvet in complete silence, then by now you will know that Boris has launched us back into another lockdown. Third time around and we’re certainly navigating it a little better than the first, and it seems that employers are too. 

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Overcoming interview setbacks.

Never did I think I’d write such a poignant piece of content. In all the years I’ve been involved in helping people with their careers, I’ve never seen so many amazing people left wanting in the marketing related jobs market.

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Setting career goals

A big reason people struggle to achieve their true career goals is sometimes a lack of thought, vision or discipline, but often, it’s because their goals are too vague or open ended.

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Getting past sticky interview questions

As much as the role of an interviewer is to unearth your hidden skills, talents, and find the best fit, it’s also to ferret out any foibles that may be mild issues to serious stumbling blocks that can hinder your application.

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10 ways to overcome interview knock-backs.

I do understand how you may feel if interviews aren’t going to plan, or you’ve been under a barrage of knock-backs. Here are 10 things that may help which is also based on personal experiences.

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