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So How Does A Recruitment Agency Actually Work?

This may be your first time using a recruitment agency – maybe you’re new to the job market, or maybe you’ve simply never wanted or had to before. Whatever the reason, if you’re going to work with us then it’s important that you know how we work. Here, we try to answer all of the questions that you might have wanted to ask but didn’t!

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Graduates: Employable Talent, Hidden In Plain Sight

Where have all the candidates gone?! Okay, there are still some out there – we’ve got some really good people registered at the moment. But there is a current shortage. And salaries are being driven up as a consequence of the higher demand placed on the really good applicants. But we’ve recently tapped in to a broader pool of talent. One that you might not have thought about, or maybe just not thought about yet: 2017 graduates.

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Job Hunting While Working In Recruitment: A True Story

This is the second week in a row – the second sunny Monday on the trot – that I’ve seen in with a job rejection email. Worse things happen at sea, but it’s probably in the bottom 50% of bad things to happen on dry land. Job hunting is, quite simply, absolutely no fun.

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A Guide for Employers: The Importance of Holidays

Earlier this month – Monday 6th February, to be exact – saw the nation embrace National Sickie Day. This coincided nicely with the Brexit white paper that accidentally claimed that British workers are entitled to 14 week holiday. These twinned occurrences got us thinking. How much does a holiday allowance affect an employee’s work? Would holidays affect a job offer? If not enough holiday days are on offer, have people ‘pulled sickies’ in order to get more time off?

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